Web Development

The Three Step Process

What is Web Development?

Our Process distinguishes the provision of an e-commerce solution vs. an e-commerce disguise.

Our Process enables legacy systems integration with the Digital Economy.

Our Process allows you the opportunity to follow trends - Protect your investment and share everything else. Outsourcing is the intelligent business model of today.

Our Process is a range of services designed to identify and expose the E- Readiness of your business. Our Readiness Assessment examines your business culture, software applications and technology infrastructure.

Culminating with a detailed Readiness Assessment Document, the stark reality of your readiness to operate in the Electronic Commerce World will be exposed in a candid, no holds barred approached by our e-commerce consultants.

Our experienced e-commerce consultants will embrace the results of this Readiness Assessment in the preparation of a Blueprint Document which will clearly map out a strategy for your emergence as a player in the Digital Marketplace... or should we say a Digital Player in your chosen marketplace.

Our Three Step Process

Discover the Need

Document the Process

Deliver the Promise

The Discovery

"Assume that you will be an e-business"

How prepared are you for the e-commerce world? The etone Readiness Assessment will give an objective view of your current business enviroment and will provide the springboard for our future engagement in your corporate etone.

You have chosen to compete in the biggest, most important race of your life. One thing is for sure, you need to be prepared.

Using our newly developed "traffic light" approach, we will closely examine your existing business operations and technology infrastructure.

Applying a:
  • RED (Problem known, no current solution)
  • AMBER (You have identified a solution to a known problem)
  • GREEN (You are ready)

We will then expose the results of the Assessment to you and your senior management team and discuss the next stage.

The Engagement

Having gone through the Discovery / Assessment stage, we now have a clear picture of where you stand in your "Web Development" plan. In this critical phase, we will discuss:

  • The development of an achievable vision.
  • The development of Customer behavior, and look at the implementation of an e-commerce enviroment based on what you want your customers to do.
  • Putting the right skills in place - A great strategy with poor execution means that future strategies will be based on flawed information.

Moving on to:
  • Knowing your customer - What information do you need from your customer - Personal marketing.
  • The design of an e-commerce operating capability that is fully integrated.
  • The design of the 'Point of Arrival Vision' - What the client sees and how it operates is key to e-commerce success.

Culminating with:

  • The project plan, rules of engagement (Who, What, How, Where, When, & Why?) and schedule of events.
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The Delivery

This statement says it all. At the completion of the development and testing stage, we must ensure that the execution model is as good as it can be.

We will study how the system will operate for your business and confirm that all business issues have been addressed. We will insure that the correct personnel and skill sets have been deployed to deal with your impending e-commerce business.

Technology is not the barrier to the implementation of an e-commerce solution. When properly implemented, technology is 100% controllable. What we have to pay attention to and monitor is that our people have 'Got it', understand the objectives of our new business model and are comfortable with their new style of operation.

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