Stock Management Program

The Plus templates incorporate a handy stock management program. This allows you to set the number of items in stock and when the last item is added to the cart the "Buy" button is replaced by an "Out of Stock" message.

From Version 5.4.0 the way stock is handled was changed so that if your store is down to the last item in stock it will allow more than one person to add the item to cart. It will be the the first person to check out who will be able to purchase. If the other person also attempts to checkout then they will be warned that the item is no longer available and update the cart contents accordingly.

The number of items left in stock is shown in the product admin section - each product will have a number after it like this:
PC Keyboard (6)
The number will decrease with each sale. It is necessary to "turn on" the stock management in your Main Admin page to use this feature.

From Version 4.4.0 you can use stock management on product options as well as on the overall product. On the products admin page if you are using stock management you should see a drop down menu Which allows you to choose between "In Stock" that will set the stock level for the overall product and "By Options" which will set stock levels by the stock of the product options.
An important thing to note is that if you share an option between 2 products the options stock is shared between 2 products. This could be useful if you have say only 20 disk drives, each of which could go in one of 5 different models of PC. However, if this is not what you intend then on the product options admin page we have also provided a "Clone" button to quickly create a copy of one product option. Using the Option Working Name you will also be able to distinguish these internally.

From version 5.0.0 stock management will indicate if a request to add to cart can only be partially completed. For instance if someone wants 10 of an item, but only 6 are available. The number of items in stock can be shown on the products page with an addition to includes.asp / includes.php It is also possible to not show out of stock products on the products page but keep them in the products admin page for future use.


If you find that orders are remaining out of stock after the time stipulated in the main admin settings then go to the admin orders page and do a "power search" for unauthorized and cancelled orders and delete all of them. Then hit the "purge deleted" button and that will free up the stock again.