What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization

This is a crash course on how to optimize your web site for search engine traffic, one of many search engine optimization services necessary for your site to succeed online. Each course will give you a brief overview on the steps you need to take to revamp your web site and implement some basic SEO services. An SEO consultant, we offer this as a service to those who wish to tackle the somewhat daunting task of SEO themselves. Our SEO consulting firm offers all of these SEO services to our clients, but we also realize that hiring an SEO consultant to help you with your SEO services is not an option for everyone.

Course 1
Take an Honest Look at Your Web Site.
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Course 2
Web Analytics.
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Course 3
Goals and Objectives.
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Course 4
Finding the Right Search Terms.
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Course 5
Make Your Baseline Ranking Report.
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Course 6
Time to Optimize, Part 1 - Titles and META Data.
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Course 7
Time to Optimize, Part 2 - Page Content.
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Facts & Trends
Search Engine Optimization Statistics and Trends.
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