Fedex Shipping


Setting up your Ecommerce Plus template to use FedEx shipping rates to automatically calculate your shipping costs is a simple matter. Just follow the steps below.

Firstly, log in to the admin section for your Ecommerce Plus template and click on "Main Settings" and scroll down the page. From the Shipping Type dropdown menu select FedEx Shipping.


On the same page you will see a setting "Shipping Units" where you can define the weight units that are used to define your product weights. Please note that the shipping units are limited in some countries. Notably, the United States is limited to specifying product weights in lbs and ounces.

Now click on Shipping Methods from the left hand menu and click on Register with FedEx


and follow the steps in the registration wizard. Once you are registered you will want to choose the shipping methods you want to accept on your store so click on the Edit Shipping Methods button and check the appropriate choices.

You are now ready to test your system. Try adding a product to your cart where you know the weight of the product. Then in the checkout phase after filling out your customer and shipping information, you should see the available FedEx shipping options along with the associated costs. You should do a couple of tests to make sure they match what you would expect from the FedEx online shipping calculator at

FedEx tracking

It's possible for customers to track their orders from a page on your site - if you don't have the tracking page, all you need to do to enable it for the ASP version is take a copy of products.asp and call it tracking.asp
Then go to HTML view and change the line

<!--#include file="vsadmin/inc/incproducts.asp"-->


<!--#include file="vsadmin/inc/inctracking.asp"-->

For the PHP version save products.php as tracking.php then go into HTML view and change

<?php include "vsadmin/inc/incproducts.php" ?>


<?php include "vsadmin/inc/inctracking.php" ?>

FedEx delivery services

You can choose the delivery options for FedEx with these additions to vsadmin/includes.asp or vsadmin/includes.php depending on which version you are working from.

· Removing FedEx discounted rates (Minimum version 5.2.1)

If you receive discount rates from FedEx, this setting will give the customer the full default rate

· FedEx delivery options

These services are available for FedEx shipping

Presents customer with Saturday Delivery option

Calculates Rates based on a Saturday Pickup

envelope, pak, box, tube, 10kgbox, 25kgbox

Declares which payment option is used for Cash On Delivery

none indirect direct adult

Allows customer to select Signature Release as an option
Calculates rates based on an inside pickup (freight only)

NOTE The C.O.D. / Saturday Delivery / Signature (direct, adult) / Packaging switches will also work with UPS.