Welcome to redshades.

A Dreamweaver template that's easily customizable for whatever content you want to use.

W3C valid code and SEO optimization ensures your sites reach their potential.

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Redshades jQuery SEO Optimized Dreamweaver Template

The Redshades template is an extremely flexible Dreamweaver template. It takes the 960 Grid System and the jQuery javascript library and gives you an incredibly easy to customize template with jQuery interactivity.

Here's what's included

Here's what you get with the Redshades template:

Dreamweaver templates

Separate template (.dwt) files are included for all four layouts:

PNG and PSD files

The vector source graphics are included, so whether you prefer Fireworks or Photoshop, you can alter the graphics to meet the needs of your project.

jQuery examples

All the content you see on these example pages is included in the template files. It gives you a jump start on creating your own masterpiece!

Six Different Widths

Choose from 780, 840, 900, 960 and 1020 pixel widths as well as a fluid width layout that changes size as the browser width changes. Simply change one line of code!

Redshades is a SEO Optimized Template

Redshades is extremely SEO-friendly, as the content code is always presented first to search engine spiders, rather than the sidebar code as in many templates. The code is W3C valid as well, so spiders will come back for more!

960 Grid System PLUS multiple layout widths

Redshades is based on the 960 Grid System, which in a nutshell means it's EXTREMELY easy to customize your page layouts and columns. See how this page goes from a full-width column to four columns then back to two columns? It's very simple with the 960 Grid System!