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Here's the scoop on the FreshSqueeze template.

Template Content Restrictions

All joking aside, this temlate is free to download and use for your affiliate squeeze or landing page for whatever you wish to use it on. The only restriction is it CANNOT be used for any kind of adult content, pirated or illegal software downloads, anything racist, defamatory or otherwise insulting to anyone else.

Linking Requirement for Free Use

The link at the bottom of the page MUST stay in place and not changed in any way. This is the requirement for free use of this template. If you wish to remove the link, contact us for details about licensing the template. We develop these templates to save you time and give your websites a professional appearance. Please give us the courtesy of a link back so others can download free templates too.

Altering and Customizing the Template

This template is a standard HTML document and all presentation is controlled by the CSS file. To customize the font styles, colors, spacing, indents, or anything else, find the appropriate style id or class in the CSS file and change the code to fit the look you want.

The easiest way to customize the page is to save a copy of the page BEFORE you make any changes to the content. Refer back to the original file and simply copy/paste the code for each different box or form. You can easily move forms, quotes, testimonials and headings around the page simply by copying and pasting the code.

Using the Fireworks Graphics File

We include the original Adobe Fireworks file that we used to create the template. This file has all the vector files, slices, gradients and export settings for the images on this page. By using this file, you can VERY easily change any of the graphic elements to fit your color scheme. The file will open in Photoshop, but you may not have the layers and slices as in Fireworks. If you don't have Fireworks, you can download a trial version from Adobe.