About Dr. Scot Trodick

Dr. Scot Trodick is a business consultant and creative digital artist with experience in business management and its integration with technology, design, and the media arts. With an eye for color, composition and balance mixed with his knowledge of code and systems, Scot engages usability analysis which lends itself in creating distinctive, effective systems. Professional design experience and vast web knowledge give him the expertise needed to produce aesthetically pleasing experiences.

  • Doctorate degree in Business Administration in Information Systems. Education in Computer Based Technology, Organizational Management, and the Fine Arts.
  • Member of Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in Business Management and Administration.
  • Higher education Professor in the subjects of business, technology, web development, media arts, and the Fine Arts.
  • Experience working with such companies as Black & Decker, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems, and Planetwide Games, and such clients as Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., Marvel, National Geographic Kids, Wall Street Systems, Kawasaki, Sony Online Entertainment, and Paramount Pictures.

Scot is President and founder of Creative Digital Arts and serves businesses and communities with the latest in digital technologies and creative services. He has over 25 years of experience in software training and team leadership and has worked with both private institutions and government funded programs. As owner of ProConsultancy and Bishop Publishing, Scot provides solutions for businesses both national and global while inspiring and motivating clients in the field of business.